there's no letting go of my boyish lust for men, i won't let go of it, but why should i take pride in being a masculivoid?

the prefix 'homo' means 'same'. some ability to appreciate the beauty of 'different,' us gays have.
us gays are so into "morphing" god's word into something resembling my mcjesus.
gay "men" lack real self-love because we are true to our wants rather than to our own states of masculine being.
sex has never been so rampant in the media since the gay '90s took effect. shows you where our heads are.
gay "men" are happy now that the real men we've fucked have aids, we're able to say it's not a gay disease.
sexual attraction is genetic only because 'opposites attract' has never been so self-insulting to call men unjustified, until now.

my favorite mantreat, or fetish, is a set of abundantly hairy armpits!
i first noticed hair under one of my armpits in the hospital after my car accident at the age of 16.
gym class was a sour time for me from age 9 to 15, everywhere i looked there were hairy armpits.
for this reason as well as many others, i felt i did not compare to real men, justify my lust.
"if ya can't beat 'em, fuck 'em," i thought. fucked men from florida to pennsylvania and everywhere in between.

shame used to pride me, not anymore. for christ's sake, i'm 25.

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