alright, so from time to time i am wanting to market my website and i say something gay bashing and controversial and post it up on the newsgroups. well, i say a lot of things and keep posting posting posting. and while i am posting again, i see responses to what i've already posted. sometimes i read 'em, i don't respond though. because it's bickering. it's not even bickering, bickering would be done by direct email, newsgroup bickering is a grand ole "look what i can do," because responses are publically accessible. most of the time, it's a bunch of three year-olds trying to have a battle of wits with me - a bunch of three year-olds trying to flaunt their intellect for all the world to see (with twenty-cent words like "sophomoric" and "self-flagellation" - sp? :).

i can just imagine these derelict crusaders, sitting at their computer desks and boiling up inside after seeing my writings. i can just see the feeble little lesbian when she gets done reading, staring squarely at the computer screen and getting ready to respond with a vengeance playing insanely in her head which she is careful not to show any outward signs of. remain calm and cool, because you're too strong to be bothered by such an immature thing. so why are you even bothering responding? why can't you come up with anything but "you must masturbate a lot because you are blind" and "your posts are so sophomoric"?

check out my site, , unless you're there now