what do you think gays mean when they tell me that they "didn't choose to be this way" after they see my website? that they didn't choose to be attracted to their own gender, they didn't choose to be sex addicts or just that they didn't choose to be in control of their lives? things that make you go hmm...

whatever the case, nothing "just happens" - you're not sexually attracted to men or women just because. what makes curiosity? naivete or unenlightenment. what makes you gawk at or study something? the same thing - unenlightenment. no, a conscious "i'm gonna be attracted to men" decision nobody makes, but a conscious "i'm gonna embrace my attraction to men, adopt my naivete as a lifestyle and allow myself to be imprisoned by lust" decision is a decision that everybody is making on account of the propaganda that pro-gay, pro-lust, pro-"if it feels good, do it"-type groups are broadcasting all over the airwaves.

the best thing that can happen to people (gays and all who've been brainwashed by gays' derelict agenda) is to grow up, take control of themselves and stop thinking that "who you are" is but a product of unadulterated unenlightenment.

now you can probably figure out why i call gays "masculivoids". : )

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