so i just went into a gay chat room one day with a link to my site in the profile, and while i was downloading u2 mp3s i saw some guy say "i think you fags are all nasty and it really discusts me to even think of to guys together". lo and behold (like i wasn't expecting this), somebody announces to the entire room (as limp-minded queers always do) that tos was notified. this is proof that fags want more than unconditional love, but unconditional acceptence and unwarranted respect.

everybody is so into self-pleasure, they are selfish and it is shameful that they call themselves adults. anybody who is into pleasing themselves with a member of their own self's gender, is double selfish. and double naive, gawking at comrades' body parts like they're something taboo and different. wake up, same-sex or no sex (intercourse) at all advocates - different is good, you preach it but you don't practice it!

check out my site, , unless you're there now