i just popped into an aol-created gay chat room to market my site (i am cautious of going into these because many times i've been in these type rooms and an angry whiny soul in there tells me that my profile and chat has been reported. it's like they're crying "rape" every time someone offends their pitiful existences. they are not strong, they do not have a grounded head on their shoulders.

anyway, i went into the chat room and they were in the middle of threatening someone with reporting them. they call people they don't like "snerts". they are so angry, it's like they have a bone to pick with everyone, they have a chip on their shoulder that is ten times as big as the one that one of them told me was on my shoulder for creating this website!

they're stupid too, they cannot grasp anything at all - i just went into a chat room and saw someone say "are all you male" and a reply of "we're all very male," and i responded with "yeah, we're all very male but still we see masculinity as the sweetest taboo, go figure". somebody responds with "sweetest taboo?". i've gotten a plethora of "i don't understand your website" type comments from them, they are just so stupid and not understanding anything slightly intellectually-based.

you're unenlightened if you thrill for porn or seeing pictures of men as goodlooking as myself. can you say "duh" like it's not a part of you, because i can't say "conceit" like it's not a part of me.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now