pages not written by me that expose the lies and the manipulation and the satanism that is the backbone of the gay agenda:

assorted facts about gays nature's law the equality-facade why nigs should be murdered

these pages were all from kkk pages, i was ashamed to put kkk references on this site because i have been brainwashed by minorities to regard the kkk as 'bad' or 'wrong,' but there is a whole fucking 'black history' month like blacks' efforts are worth much more than whites (who do not have a month dedicated to them). i am going to join the kkk, and i urge others to join also. they are a christian organization, following god rather than the cut-and-paste job minorities did to his bible. just go to any of their sites, they are followers and they obey god's word. they understand the importance of uniformity rather than an unfocused 'potpourri' style of life. kkk is merely the naacp or now for white godly men. no wonder they have a bad name.

here's something i wrote about 'unity'
here's something i wrote about
more reasons to hate are
here and here...wait a minute, they're all over the site!

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