any form of inciteful, despicable "lyrics" to a so-called "song" is wrong! they are not funny. they are not the best rap ever of this or any era. anything promoting hate towards anyone is not acceptable and cannot be condoned. how this society can spend millions of dollars to listen to this drivel is beyond comprehension. and where is the hypocritical religious right? probably looking up the word "fag" in the bible. god help us all.

this was on a gay website, talking about eminem! what whiners, eh? hypocrites too, look at yourselves before criticizing somebody else's disgust. you think your play about a gay jesus offended nobody? that's art as much as eminem is art.

excatly the point........when will people realize that "the bible" was just written by ordinary men.......or were they?......what where they smoking back the?????

on the same gay website, the bible has been too accurate and too coherent a book written over a span of hundreds of years to have been written 'just by ordinary men' with no intervention not of this world.

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