stop bellyaching when somebody spits on you for the life you choose to lead. why is heterosexuality the way? probably because there is a point to heterosexuality...childbirth. homosexuality is done for thrill, we are a nation obsessed with sex as much as a three year-old is obsessed with the pleasure principle. can't we all just grow up? get over it. stop depending on other people to get you through your evenings. your weekends. your semi-charmed kinds of lives. it's like, as the number of people you have bed increases, so does your esteem - your self-respect - your importance. you breathe for sex, your life's a mess. and then you pull the wool over your eyes as well as over society's eyes and overcompensate by throwing a so-called 'pride' parade.

being homosexually aroused for the past 15 years (i'm 25 now), i've learned that homosexuality is just another term for 'self-denial'. a 'gay man' is just another term for 'masculivoid'. homosexuality happens when your genitalia is only something between your legs, when gender is only a part of you on the outside. the term "straight" reflects this notion, a man who doesn't see other men as taboo or exciting is straight with himself as a man. as every man. a man who does see other men as taboo or exciting is questioning his own masculine legitimacy, have you ever heard a super-attractive gay man say "i can turn him gay"? whether or not he acknowledges it, he believes it - opposites attract.

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