widespread confusion is a byproduct of celebrated diversity...
...widespread homosexuality is a byproduct of them both

clueless is the man who depends on science to make heads or tails of his desires.
love gays and womyn with gifts of redrum - exceptions, ie special rights, does not a loved self make.
naacp, united negro college fund, niglets don't want equality so bring the kkk back!

why i think feminists are of the anti-christ

be all you can be (just not all the man you need): gays do not belong in the army.
nothing like wallowing in your own masculine insufficiencies by cuddling with the man of your dreams
don't ask satan how to divorce, remarry and support homosexuality while still "loving" god...ask cher

women aren't drafted, that says so much about how we're all buying the notion of 'woman power'...
..."we don't need you, but if you really want to fight, you're welcome"

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