i got this letter from a newsgroup, so i'm not sure if it's really from now. but it came with a bunch of now's email addresses at the bottom, so i assume it's legit. * men must stop helping and supporting women and we must only see them as sex toys. we must outcast them, we must also hate, as they don't show us anything resembling love or respect. the crybabies lobby to punish cruel and unusually.

from the national organization for women action center: urgent action alert
proposed legislation re: deadbeat dads november 11, 1999

please take action:
whereas, a high percentage of men who father children often fail to support said children in any way, otherwise known as "deadbeat dads"; whereas, many of these deadbeat dads often father siblings with multiple partners; whereas, many of these children are conceived in nonconsentual intercourse on the part of the mother; be it known that the national organization for women calls for legislation mandating the medical castration of individuals who fail to meet child support obligations. - patricia ireland president national organization for women thanks for your help.

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