okay, so women have been featured in weightlifting ads for years now, ever since the world went from the preservation of reality to the preservation of runts' egos...but is anybody buying it? for real, it doesn't matter how encouraged womens' strength is in the media, i don't think anybody thinks of women when they think of strength. now, maybe i think this way because i am aroused by big and strong (and hairy) men, but really...just because someone is always at the gym, doesn't mean they're anything to be reckoned with. hell, i can go to the gym.

i can tell you one thing, if i was walking along a dark city street one night then a woman would be the last thing i'd want by my side.

we're living in the land of make believe. alanis morissette's 'head over feet' man held his breath as he held the door for alanis like he was afraid of being chastised for not giving the meek little sister the chance to do it for herself. how can women not see that this is not what the media is doing, what the president is doing, what the naacp is doing for niggers and so on. special rights for runts, make them feel strong and never make them feel slight when slight is what they are.

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