foward this to every member of your local boy scouts organization
boy scout leaders are supposed to be role models for boys to have some guidence in their journey to manhood. gays are not legitimate men, they would not facilitate manhood in the boys, gays cannot and should not be leaders of the boy scouts because gay "men" are boys gawking at and otherwise proving themselves emotionally outcasted from the masculine gender. there is no place for these types of "men" in an organization that is meant to facilitate the step from boy to man.

i hope this aspect of the argument to keep gays out of the boy scouts is exposed and talked about, in addition to the arguments about 1) the lack of difference there is in allowing a straight man to oversee a camping trip in a forest full of girl scouts, 2) allowing someone who strays from the word of god be an authority figure in a godly organization, and 3) the very values espoused in the scout oath and law.

gays, much like democrats and al gore, are sore losers. they strive to change laws to save face. they want to be set apart from heterosexuals, when the only thing different about them when it all comes down can only be described as the pleasure principle. so they find security and fulfillment and something excitably taboo in a member of their own gender, heterosexuals find it in the opposite sex.

the reason gays should be kept out of the boy scouts and even the military, is because there is no such thing as a gay man. they are all boys. every last one of 'em.

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