sex, drugs, depression

i was watching some entertainment magazine type show today, learned about this one actor who had everything going for him when he killed himself. everybody noticed the down in his behavior; the lower he got, the more drugs he'd take and the more he'd immerse himself in the sex clubs, lap dances, etc.

now the males (for lack of a better word) on gay o l, though they may not seem depressed, just watch their chat! masculivoid over here bragging to the chatroom how many times he got laid last week...masculivoid over there telling the room how bored and horny he is, how much he needs someone in his life 24/7. masculivoids everywhere saying how depressed and angry and "dead" the guy who came up with must be, when they're the ones going out every weekend and being cool with their friends and feeling self-confident because of their friends and having sex because they don't know what the fuck else to do with themselves.

and yet, when i was in depression places, one of the things they considered a sign of depression is a loss of interest in sex. what do they think "well" people are, a bunch of overactive sex fiends whose legitimacy in life is justified by the act of sexual intercourse? if this is true, depression is bliss.

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