as i said before, "if you call me a self-hating gay man, it's pretty obvious that your sense of self is justified solely by your sense of pleasure, so don't tell me that i'm the one with the problem, eh?"

but that's not the only thing. did you ever wonder why gays are such "advocates" of self-love? it's because when a man feels incomplete without another man in his life, it compromises his masculine integrity. gays can say, "not for me, it doesn't," but it doesn't matter what they say they feel inside simply because it's evident that what they feel inside is a longing for something masculine in their lives. when you're not man enough to be your man, it signifies a lack of self-love or self-respect...because though you're all the man somebody else needs, you are not all the man that you need.

gays are such "advocates" for self-love, mainly to pull the wool over their eyes and society's eyes. to give a self-respecting name to homosexuality.

but when it all comes down to self-love, gays are either liars or they just can't comprehend that gender is a legitimate part of 'self'. or else they just ignore gender...hoping to satan that it'll go away.

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