oprah had on her show a man, ex-navy, ex-jock, ex-husband who had gotten a sex change. and you hear her plastic, satanic voice chirping something like "he was all these things, but he was living a lie".

okay, nice self-acceptence you obese nigger, there you preach for it but here you feature a 'man' on your hateful show who couldn't accept himself as masculine. and you say he is right to get a sex change instead of accepting the fact that yes indeed he is a man. oh, and the 'man,' all in drag, says "i don't care if nobody else thinks it's true, i knew in my heart i was a woman" or something like that. he's so worthless, she's so worthless, where's aaron mckinney when you need him?

oprah fucking winfrey has no clue about self-acceptence. she's so into pity, pity for whiners, well she is a nigger and niggers have been whining for special rights for the longest time. message to oprah: bring reality into your pathetic excuse for a life, sex changes are not reality and they are not a mark of self-acceptence.

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