here's a letter i got in response to a newsgroup ad i placed:

i'm not interested in rugrats, so 'childbirth' doesn't enter the picture for me. sex is for thrill, as well, and it's thrilling to suck on a hot young cock and feel the essence of life blasting my tonsils. i'm sorry if you have such a problem with, but, hey! that's the way it goes!!

a "hot young cock," i am probably right to assume that this "man" is old. or otherwise out of touch with young adults. "it's thrilling to suck on...feel the essence of life blasting my tonsils," hmn, he sounds pretty out of touch with masculinity...but then so are all gay "men". something tells me that he does not get off on "the essence of life blasting his tonsils," but rather on the essence of something as foreign to a masculivoid as masculinity blasting his tonsils. little boys and adolescentile young adults get off on thrill, get over it and grow out of it. or else, move back in with your momma.

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