member name: t.p.c. - a club formed by men to enjoy other men.
location: fort lauderdale, fl and int'l private residence
hobbies: come enjoy the company of other men on a monthly basis.
computers: refreshments are provided.
occupation: check us out once and join after
personal quote: email for application and additional information

"a club formed by men to enjoy other men". okay, gays are not sex addicts. do you know how many of these type "clubs" masculivoids like him start?

be you male or female, the same thing holds true: when you're into "enjoying" mens' bodies, when you're into "enjoying" masculinity, you are in doubt of the legitimacy of your own. as a big question mark overtakes your being. "duh, i wonder what he looks like naked," "duh, let me see you cum," "duh, all men are not created equal".

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