god's unconditional love is not unconditional acceptence and does not offer an unconditional entry into heaven. the god that we worship nowadays, the god who doesn't view lust as a sin or the god who doesn't view homosexuality as a sin or the god who doesn't view abortion as a sin, is a god created by the people and for the people. catholics have a bad name because they tend not to worship this 'my mcjesus,' but they worship god himself.

it is clear in his instruction to us that we are not to worship any god but the god who has rules. what kind of god would he be if his only rule was to "do whatever you want, just don't hurt yourself or anyone else"? seems everybody nowadays is brainwashed by pro-gay, pro-minority, pro-loser manipulation. there are rules. lust is one of the seven deadly sins, but i'm sure that six of 'em have been ridiculed off the face of scripture.

like my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend says, "nothing matters in life but worshipping your god". i feel like cutting her breasts off every time she says that, cutting them off and sticking them up her cunt after i get somebody with gaids to fuck her. if she keeps up with her "my mcjesus" attitude, she's gonna get a fate worse than that when she dies. god does love the souls in hell, you know.

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