let me tell you just how this nation is embracing 'unity'. the fags, the niggers, the chinks, the smelly hispanics, the women...they're all getting set apart in a fucking protective barrier from opposition simply because they are regarded as a type of 'endangered species' by the government...while the straight white men are getting their rights taken away from them because straight white men are a dime a dozen. and because men have no limiting factors (ie, strength, competency and the like) to force this ever-so 'compassionate' government take pity on and therefore advance their kind.

let it be known that i am wholeheartedly in support of any type of bashing of all gays and all lesbians and all niggers and all chinks and all smelly hispanics and all feminists. examine what their facades of 'pride' are doing to the country, and i hope you'll feel the same way. i am going to join or at least donate to the k k k. go to one of their websites and learn that they are a christ-centered organization who does not morph god's word to suit peoples' prides. they are not evil, they are necessary.

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