okay, so one morning i was going into all the gay o l masculivoid 4 masculivoid chat rooms, saying "hi" to each of the members in the room in hopes they'd look at my profile (which portrayed me as a lonely gay: 'hobbies: being gay is my number one hobby, i've just outed myself much to the dismay of my father [tee-hee], and i'm looking for new friends, online and offline, as well as a husbear. it doesn't matter where you live, because gaylove knows no boundaries), in hopes they'd go to my "sister's site," grrrls.org (which, if you clicked the "green link," you'd get to my personal home pages and a description of everything i wanted in a man), and feel raped. apparently it worked, for one old man send me an im, saying something to the effect of "i've reported you to aol's terms of service staff, because your website offended me".

and you wonder why i wanna campaign against gays and lesbians alike. they are such children running to mama if somebody hurts their fickle feelings. "waaaaaaaaaaaaah, he doesn't like the life i choose to lead, therefore he hates me, waaaaaaaaah!!!"

they are not strong enough to hear any criticism against their lifestyle, it's like they are nothing but their pathetic state of minority! get a life, get a grip.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now