here's another letter i got from a cross whiner.

perhaps god would look more favourably on you if instead of using your money to put up the same dull tribe website everywhere you spent it helping the homeless and the poor and needy instead of trying to create hate against homosexuals, you should be very careful as in some countries it is illegal to discriminate against gays/homosexuals. its only a matter of time before you are prosecuted for creating hatred that can lead to the killing of innocent human beings. a true christian could never condone what you are doing, get some therapy soon or be prepared to spend some time in prison!

don't speak of god like you know him, when you'd capitalize 'gay' before you'd capitalize his name.
i'm not creating "hate," i'm educating the world to gays' lies. but keep that pouting frown on your face.
you're a spoiled brat, you're called on your lies and your ridiculous life and you label it "illegal hatred".
if i'd be prosecuted for spreading opinions, dr. laura should be and free speech should be abolished.
if i'm prosecuted for bullying gays in my speech, gays are runts who receive special rights.
true christians don't condone homosexuality.
"get some therapy soon" = another way to put "you're the one with the problem," = gay wool.

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