in today's world, in whining minorities' eyes, god is prejudiced. he does not stand behind mixed marriages, mixed marriages are not godly but satanic simply because satan is the advocate for the confusion the world is currently embracing: the confusion that states that all men are created equal. yeah yeah, i know what you're thinking, but the world back in 1776 or whenever those words were coined was not today's world of potpourri.

god is pro-segregation. he created the genders and gave men the real strength and endurance to be the fighters and the protectors and the breadwinners, therefore anything androgynous (rupaul, gi jane, "woman power," aretha franklin's "sisters are doing it for themselves") is slapping him in the face. god created the races, therefore anything likewise compromising the integrity of his works (mixed marriages, the integration of blacks with whites, chinks with whites, smelly hispanics with whites) is also a slap in the face. dolly parton sung about a 'coat of many colors' that her mama made by sewing a bunch of rags together, well rags are one thing...but when living and breathing people don't strive for uniformity then they're 1) about as dazed, confused and disorganized as this 'different is good' campaign wants them to be, and 2) worth as much as a box of rags.

satan's plan is to have people pick and choose what parts of god's word to obey. god has anti-gay, anti-minority rules to live by, where satan's only rule is "no rules, just right".

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