i got a letter from someone in the inbox today, i stopped reading the second the writer more or less cried out, "poor poor pitiful me, i can't help it," and he assumed a nancy kerrigan pose though he didn't come right out and scream "god, whyyyy meeeeeeeeeeeeee?!?!?!".

the media wants us to believe we are living a lie if we are not defined by our pleasure principles. psychiatrists too, doctors, everybody alive today. truth is, sex is not a human need. i wake up with a hard-on, rub off and i forget about it, though i get a stain on my shorts. and when i do "get nekid" with somebody else and we do play like a couple of overwhelmingly curious boys, i don't do it because i'm horny - i do it to meet other guys and hopefully make a bud, a pal, a friend. i meet gay guys because i don't know where else to meet anybody, besides the gay o l chat rooms. what's a job?

what i meant by "sexually bound" on the pop-up box, is that people today think they shouldn't have sex without permission from their woodies. thinking such a thing indeed makes us defined by our pleasure principles. "you can't have sex with somebody you have no burning lust for," is what they're saying. still they say, "we fuck for a feeling of completion," and i say, "too bad you feel so lacking without your perfect specimens of manhood to keep you company in your dilapidated beds.

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