alright, take it easy. i know that it was only yesterday that i vowed i'd not add much more, but...

a little while ago, after i posted the email page which portrayed me to be a little paranoid about my writing skills, i was almost flooded day after day with emails insulting everything from my spelling to my sentence structure. and i would have been crushed if i wasn't aware that i basically had asked for these letters with the page i posted. and i almost was crushed, for when i fell out of bed laughing my ass off, my guitar fell right on top of me! i thought to myself, "hmn, what robots, but at least they're user-friendly and easily programmable".

a week or so later, i wasn't receiving any more responses from the site. i was confused at first, but three days later when i hadn't received a piece of mail for four days, i really was saddened..."what's wrong, aren't i leaving an impression, do people think of my work as lame," i screamed. i must've cried for days, i even went to the mail page to email myself a letter to see if the reason why i was not getting any email was because something was wrong with the mail server. then i saw that why i wasn't getting any angry responses from the gay type crowd was because on the email page i had flat-out asked people to write, telling them that without their letters i would start to doubt myself. "hmn," i thought, "what robots...but at least they're user-friendly and easily programmable".

isn't it robotic, don't ya think?

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