classic cases of "you're the one with the problem" i've heard in response to my site:

"have you ever had a psychological-mental diagnos? your text reminds me of the writings a of schitzoid " yes, he referred to 'schizophrenics' with a t. that's when i wondered if he was just talking to hear himself talk, or if he really knew what he was talking about.

one 18 year-old ims me with "that's quite an interesting site," i say "thanks," and he says "however...i feel you are a very troubled human being and you will be going to hell just like me.. see ya ". and i respond to find that he is not online anymore, which made his two cents worth about as much as tuppence are in america.

"hey there...yours has got to be one of the strangest profiles i've ever encountered. as for your concluding question regarding eloquence....."taunt" is not generally used with a reflexive object. presumably, you mean "question", "mock", or any case, thanks for a weirdly interesting profile...... " the quote he was referring to doesn't matter, it worked according to the dictionary, though it may not have be a+++ perfect english. but this is the pose of superiority that gays would not be "proud" without.

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