i woke up this morning with the buzz going round channel 8
i had myself thinking, "shucks, this seems pretty cool, all their pain"
"it must be of ladin," bush says, "well, he's going down"
the dude upstairs says, "it's you, won't keep my pleas/hear my sounds"

come on, my god, let's get something started - come on, my god, let's start something now

we gotta fuck this country - we gotta fuck this country
every brown-dicked boy's saying, "goodbye, lord"
gotta show them your spite, so kill all them nerds
we gotta fuck this country, right now, cuz it's yours

cuz you are so dexterous, give them bloated types of syph'llis too
don't get sobby, remember they're of sin and buckin your rules

they're fuckin in the showers, crankin up the "proud"
their lives are lead for sex, and they're headin to small towns
they're livin for lust, posing esteem
let's get fucked now, new york to o k c back

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