i found this in a newsgroup...my bigotry is born of liberals' bigoted agendas!
liberalism is not a coherent philosophy. it is an accidentally formed grab-bag of irrational attitudes. it descended from marxism and left-wing ideas of the early 20th century which were concerned with opposing capitalism and promoting the welfare of "the working class." today, most liberals are wealthy Úlitists. their hatred is all about race today. they have a stupid paranoid fear that all the white gentiles will get together and kill the jews, homosexuals, and people of color. in order to prevent this imaginary catastrophe, liberals are working at a feverish pace to destory the white race, christianity, and traditional values before the white majority wakes up and realizes it is being quietly exterminated. white women are encouraged to abort their babies, concentrate on a career and not have any white babies, or else become lesbians or have sex with other races. america and europe must be flooded with non-white immigrants. anyone who wants to preserve the white race must be persecuted and hated as a "racist." if you don't want your kind to die out you are a racist nazi who wants to commit auschwitz-style horrors.
at first, when they were weaker, liberals whined about free speech. now that they are the ones in power they insist on banning free speech everywhere. no "racist" talk at work, in schools, in the media...anywhere. no one is allowed to even mention the destruction of the white race. it is dangerous for people to even think about this subject. now, liberals are insisting that the internet must be tightly controlled by arrogant liberals to prevent the truth about race from being discussed. liberalism must be exposed for the pack of hateful lies which make no sense that it is! we need a philosophy which makes sense and will make the world a better place. back

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