f u c k t h i s c o u n t r y
(i even wrote a song parody to st's "rock this country")

i wrote the song and this page before i knew that tim mcveigh was dealing with middle east terrorists.
i thought mcveigh did his damage for the same reasons i would do such a thing.
and maybe he did, who knows...but the fact remains: the united states is intolerant towards christians, anti-gay sentiment and likewise god's intentions...and that is why i am intolerant right back at society.

orwell wrote 1984 for us, the future, in the hope we would recognize the signs and symptoms of tyrannical world government and prevent its establishment in our world. the following are links to pages i've written or have come across after realizing that any self-respecting anti-gay activist in the world we live in, would also have to be anti-government.

okc (the government was dead wrong in its dealings with waco, they needed to be slapped in the face)

wtc (not written by me, but i share a lot of the same feelings! if not all, i haven't read it!)