first the pledge, now mother's day

the saying "it's as american as the flag, motherhood and apple pie" may soon be destined for the dustbin of history - at least if a handful of liberal congressmen and congresswomen get their way.

while apple pie apparently remains sacrosanct, 11 congressmen made it clear last week that they're not too thrilled about pledging allegiance to old glory, at least not as long as they have to utter the words "one nation, under god."

that's how many house democrats voted either "nay" or "present" on a resolution backing the traditional pledge after the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals ruled it unconstitutional.

and now another house democrat says the u.s. should get behind a u.n. resolution that trashes mother's day as sexist and discriminatory against women.

appearing yesterday with wabc radio's steve malzberg, rep. carolyn maloney, d-n.y., said it was imperative that the u.s. back the u.n.'s "convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women".

"the treaty would really save women's lives," contended maloney. "it costs nothing but it affirms our country's commitment to basic human rights. and it is a tool to provide better education and health care and freedom from violence for women around the world."

the manhattan democrat complained that 169 nations around the world have signed on, saying, "how can they all be wrong?"

malzberg countered, "the committee in charge of monitoring the enforcement of the treaty reprimanded armenia for its 'traditional stereotyping of women in the noble role of mothers' and they criticized belarus for reinforcing sex-role stereotypes by reintroducing mother's day a few years ago."

"those [provisions] were twisted and taken out of context," maloney complained. "the committee was lamenting stereotypes of women that some countries use to discriminate against them."

besides, the liberal democrat argued, even if cedaw did require the u.s. to ban mother's day, "there is no true enforcement mechanism in it. there's no legal requirement. a treaty is not like law."


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