cfi’s knight warns of implications from thought crimes bill
by rusty pugh august 3, 2001

(agapepress) - a bill that would effectively make thoughts a crime is awaiting a vote in the senate. and one pro-family advocate says it is a dangerous measure that would make a federal case out of one's personal beliefs.

the senate judiciary committee has approved what is known as the local law enforcement enhancement act, better known as “hate crimes” legislation. bob knight of the culture and family institute says under this bill, penalties for crimes would be harsher if the perceived victim was a homosexual. and the “crimes” could even include name-calling.

knight says this is dangerous territory, because not only does it give homosexuals preferential treatment over the general population, but it attempts to regulate people’s personal beliefs.

this fundamentally violates the equal protection concept of the u.s. constitution,” he says. “hate crimes also introduces the un-american concept of thought crime. that’s where some thoughts or beliefs that are tied to crimes are actually criminalized. you can’t go around hitting someone over the head anyway, or burglarizing their house, or defacing their garage -- this are already illegal. but if you say that some people get more punishment depending on their attitude while they’re doing it, now you’re setting up different classes of belief.”

knight says a grandmother walking down the street should have at least as much protection under the law as a homosexual leaving a homosexual bar. back

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