i am a little boy in need of an emotional closeness with another member of my own gender. i need this emotional closeness because i don't feel i have ever received it when i was a boy, though i may have had male friends i just have never felt bonded. i was outcasted from the other boys because i didn't excel at sports, because everyone mistook me for a girl, etc. masculine justification is important to every boy, i couldn't grasp gender-identity so i improvised in the bed of a 'real man'.

though i still feel almost as much a masculivoid as ever, i don't like the idea of laying naked with men simply because of the underlying reasons why anyone would lie naked with anyone else. i view it as self-denial, to find security and fulfillment and something excitably taboo in a member of the same gender. therefore, i don't seek sexual rendezvous with men. the most i do is jump atop my best friend/brother figure, snuggle and wag my tail. fully clothed, mind you.

i don't seek sexual rendezvous with women, why should i when i have no lust for them? sex is not love, the people who buy into it as an expression of love are usually the ones who've been brainwashed by the gay agenda's manipulation to morph everything godly into everything satanic - and vice-versa. the reason i have no desire to be naked with women and actually discover femininity, is because it's already been discovered. i grew up feeling more female than male, the ratio of female friends to male friends i had was 3:1. i felt one with females - much like the "men" who have had sex changes in order to be "true to themselves" (is there anything more ridiculous?).

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