i was just watching tv because my tv card finally works after formatting my hard drive and setting up only the programs i actually use on the drive, and i saw how there were riots in philadelphia. some nigger (pardon my french, but the only respect i'd show him is a glass of water before chaining him down much like he and hundreds others chained themselves to each other and made roadblocks all over philly, and taking nine hours to fatally wound him) says that their protesting was justified, the protesting that included giving one police officer a concussion by using a bike as a baseball bat to his head.

let it be known that i am advocating for the bashing of all of those snot-nosed niggers and bloated feminists and yes even the so-called 'men' who engaged in such nonsense. in the words of the police chief, "they were hell-bent on assaulting police officers, destroying property, getting arrested". it's these kinds of people that the world would be a better place without, so please join me in my crusade to bash them either one-at-a-time or while they are doing another one of their 'protests'.

funny thing is, is that the aclu in effect called this 'free speech'. likewise, i call 'free speech' violence against every member of the aclu and gladd and now, i call 'free speech' violence against patty ireland and melissa etheridge and matthew shepard supporters. back

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