it is no wonder why there are so many "hate crimes" directed at gays, i am sharpening my blade as i write this because of all the crybaby "" sites i've seen on my favorite search engine. bellyache, bellyache, bellyache - they complain when steve case's wife donates millions of dollars to her alma mater which is legitimitely christian (and therefore anti-gay), they complain night and day about christians (can't you imagine satan himself doing that?), they whine about anti-gay websites while promoting the trillions of pro-gay sites out there, they whine to phds and get them to declare lust as a divine and absolutely final personality justification, it is almost criminally insane! you can't find anti-gay groups in the search engines because there are so many pro-gay whiners complaining about everything anti-gay!

anyway, there are three types of whiners who have responded to my site. 1) the outright blamers, 2) the outright pitiers, 3) the outright threateners. i took the time to write about them and let you know all about them, in case you don't know already.

blamers pitiers threateners


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