i read an article about how gay o l took mass emailers to court for bothering their sexually addicted customers with porn advertisements. and they won. we are a part of a crybaby nation.

which gets me to think, we're taking this whole internet thing a little too seriously. first of all, anyone who is on gay o l and uses ***@aol.com as their main email address is not a real internet user. heck, anyone who is on gay o l is not a real internet user. gay o l is a playplace, it's good for beginners to learn the ropes and all, but take a look at the plethora of chat rooms gay o l has and tell me that gay o l's customers are to be taken as serious internet users. "so easy to use, no wonder it's #1"...how could i forget that when you don't know what else to do with youself it can be such fun!!

secondly, with gay o l trying to be the social mecca/dating service of the internet and providing people with the opportunity to create "profiles" to describe themselves and their likes and dislikes so voided window-shoppers searching the 'member directory' would actually give a second glance to the (plastic) mannequin they see and maybe even email her (notice the gender), how the hell could they not expect their customers to be mass-emailed when they themselves make email adresses public?

orwell had it right to the letter, but i think all the little brothers of the world would be better off growing up. back

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