anti-christ and anti-gay

i posted this page up to make it clear that whoever is anti-gay doesn't necessarily have to be a god-fearing man. call it a humanist's approach to gay bashing:

1) two schlongs don't make a tike, homosexuality needs heterosexuality - not the other way around
2) aids is not a gay disease, just a gay epidemic
3) homosexuality is not as open to differences as one might think: 'homo' means 'same'
4) gay "men" are not 'real' men simply because any man who is aroused by masculinity is in, by definition of 'aroused,' a state of heightened physiological activity when he is around masculinity. keep in mind that there is no reason for a man who is complete within himself as a man, to feel anything different around other men than he does around himself.
5) any man who can't seem to get along without another man in his life has compromised his masculine integrity for the sake of what he feels (and therefore must be a pitious democrat).
6) homosexuality places no importance on gender: gender-roles have been being compromised by homosexuality and homosexuals for decades - transsexuals and transvestites, cross-dressers and drag queens run rampant in the gay community and show contempt and disrespect to the real world. back

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