more anti-niglet and anti-clinton stuff:

two words: black churches. three initials: irs. i heard hillary went to nigger churches this past week to thank them for their votes. and al gore, let's don't forget about him during his campaign, assuming yet another of his personalities to show all of the people that he is a man they can relate to. did you see him in one of the nigger churches? hell, i was ashamed, who the hell did he think he was, fucking coolio?! "clinton goes to harlem, oh how politically correct!"

anyway, what do you think would have been said about dubya going to churches (i won't say 'white churches' because whites usually aren't bloated enough to care about the majority of the race of their churches)? do people just overlook this double standard, do they just overlook the dishonesty of democrats and minorities everywhere? if you'd scold me for saying things hateful things on this website then take a look at the world. take a look at the fucking world.

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