naked masculine images (men) make me excited, psyched on sight of what my feelings have come to recognize as a taboo phenomonon (for those of us who know ourselves, sexual arousal is not a matter of genes). i'm not a cocksucker anymore because, though i still want to be included in my supermens' lives, the question "what the hell do i expect to gain from doing this" always pops into my mind. and when i realize that i won't gain anything but a physical or emotional psyche, the budding sexual experience usually dies. why are you satisfied by cocksucking?

"the satisfaction is giving the other person pleasure," you say. is it really my fault if the other person is so into self-pleasure that he can't see his state-of-mind for the childish 'ejaculate, giggle, clap' mark of unenlightenment that it is? why should i lower myself?

exposing some more lies of the gay agenda, i'll have to say that 1) nobody is afraid of homos, labeling gay opposers as 'homophobic' is just a ploy to make them seem weak. 2) gays want us to think we are "denying ourselves" if we don't let lust define who we are (ie, "if it feels good, do it" and "don't repress your true sexuality"). 3) gays want the godly institution of gender to disintegrate because without it they can be seen as having self-esteem which, with something like gender, appears tarnished due to their desires for another man or woman to be their one and only. a better version of self.

little boys gawk at men as masculine role models, why are underdeveloped big boys known as gay?

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