today, after saying to my queer friend that some man i saw was good-looking, he goes "oh, you're not gay" as if to ridicule who the man behind really was...but all he was ridiculing was himself. i mean, think about it, what kind of sheltered lives are lead by "men" who feel they must stick their dicks into everything they find attractive? why must arousal always be sexual? reminds me of a quote i took from some masculivoid who was at an adult bookstore and saw a real man in a booth, he goes, " naturally i sucked him".

i think it is the epitome of desperation, to see a man who is your epitome of masculinity and to leech onto either his dick or his presence like you are some kind of runt-outsider seeking some kind of masculine justification for your state-of-masculivoid. it's even more ridiculous to excuse your excitement with the words "i was born this way". come on, i know what's going through your mind because i know what's going through my mind: "oh, he's a god, is he gonna talk to me, is he gonna accept me into his life?!". it's like something ferris bueller said "she will have given him what he has built up in his mind, as the end-all, be-all of human existence". keywords: built up in his mind. is it some kind of coincidence that most everyone who is attracted to men has a thing for big and strong men, or is 'sexy' dictated to us by magazines and movies and media? i heard that companies were now hiring bigger women to model for them, they admitted to be wanting to change mens' definitions of what sexy is. am i making a legitimate point, or has my lack of motivation finally caught up with me and rendered mythinks as "untaught" (as i don't think they are unlearned). back

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