you think i only wanna cut the heads off gays? hell no, i wanna physically dissect with an axe and a saw, each and every one of the whining cigarette smokers who filed suit against tobacco companies for making them ill with a "defective product". like they all thought it was some kind of aroma-therapy.

they probably were mostly women. imagine a thousand naked women trying their best to cover their nakedness, screaming the words, "we're gonna make you pay because you provided our oblivious selves with the opporitunity to spend our hard-earned money on a way to get sick and die a slow and painful death!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!"

yes, bring them all out to a secluded place in the saraha desert, i'll take my machine gun and i'll show them just how redundant i can get. (badum-bum)

i am not a hateful man, but 'men' who hate their own masculine presences and who want a masculine replacement to get them through their semi-charmed kinds of masculine existences are not the only ones deserving of the words i'd normally save for the likes of alanis morissette. back

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