before each time you go away, i cry and beg you not to
"oh lord, please try to make him stay, but why does he not want to?"

it's not long after you have left, my thoughts begin to race
back to the time i'd grown adept at having lots of space
i'm all alone in my temp home, and if i become restless
i'll relive my life on the road and drive with no directions
i like to drive alone and sing, i sing with such a passion
when cars pass by, the drivers see an emcee's type of actin'
i spend some hours on the road, a quarter of the day
but when i'm back at my temp home, it's like i shout "horray!"
though i did not exit my car on that whole escapade,
i'd time to think, i'm my own shrink, that time was not a waste

i'm walking into my temp home, i see you still are absent
i realize life alone is good, but with friends one will cash in

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