something the boy said...

"although my father died many years ago, my mother realizes that i was born this way, and my being gay is not her fault."
"i was born this way," an easy excuse for those who either don't wanna be bothered with justifying certain aspects of their life, or those who wanna play victim and blame. oh, one more thing...father died many years ago, mother apparently thought that she was the only one who could have been to blame for his lack of gender-identity, which implies that there was no masculine role model in his life at all, things that make you go 'hmmn...".

"being gay is not such a big deal to me. my mother caught me dressing up in her clothes years ago. she always knew." knew what, that you were confused as a boy, that this lack of gender-identity made you wanna see how pretty you'd look once you developed into a grown woman?

"over the years thousands of gay christians have found themselves struggling with the issue of whether god accepts them just as they are, or if a change in sexual orientation is required for salvation." no, haven't you heard, god will accept anyone's soul into heaven regardless...don't worry about changing the way you think or the way you act or the way you let your desire for flesh control you, just because you want to live with god...when it all comes down, though heaven is his house, you're the master of it. heaven is all about self and the pleasure that can be acquired.

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