gays' favorite thing to say to me (next to the words 'everybody sins, therefore anyone who preaches against sin is a hypocrite' ever-so cunningly guised in the old familiar 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone') is a simple: "god loves everybody," and they use that knowledge to justify the legitimacy of their lustlives. lust, yes the fourth deadly sin - though straights may use sex just for lust sometimes, heterosexuality is necessary.

just cuz god loves everyone, doesn't mean he condones everything his children do. god loves aaron mckinney, that doesn't mean he approves of matt shepard's murder (i don't either, i wish he would've been decapitated). and no, god does not approve of that comment, though he still loves me.

it makes you think about what gays think of themselves, when they think that just because god loves everybody then that means he has no problems with homosexuality. "god loves me, therefore he loves homosexuality, because gay is all i am," no? god loves people, not necessarily what they do. god can hate. in short, god hates the seven deadly sins (which, as a matter of fact, are all byproducts of homosexuality. click here for more)

god didn't make you gay or straight, simply because pedestals are all psychological and of the world.
is homosexuality condemned in the bible?
i'll stop ranting about god's hatred of homosexuality from now on because god's not anti-gay

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