after receiving many many letters written by fags, telling me that they hurt for me and they'll pray to god for me, i have come to accept a few things.

1) fags have a god of their own making.

2) fags' god is as much for thrills as they are, their god created sex for thrills first, conception dead last

3) fags' god is a puppeteer who implants masculine insufficient feelings in men, molding their desires

4) fags' god didn't have anything to do with the forty men who wrote over a period of thousands of years, about the same consistent things in the same consistent ways using the same metaphores and language. that's just a misleading coincidence, we must rely on what we each think god's intentions for our lives were because god is not of this world and cannot write or produce or even distribute a book known as the bible. only because it's anti-gay.

5) fags' god doesn't have any rules, save for the big one: thou shall not kill back

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