"according to our faith, it is god who creates us. he forms us as we are. our genes, our temperments, our time and place in history, our talents, our gifts, our weaknessess -- all are part of god's inscrutable and loving plan for us. so, somehow god must be behind the fact that some people are homosexual. why then would god's word condemn it?"

"if god 'made' you gay, bound's what you look like/"men" goo-goo like babies, cuz babies cannot even/be anything but id, they're tending to their pleasings and their 'yay's like all the soft heads" (taken from my "one of us" parody)

i tend to think that that song lyric is all the rebuttal i need to make my point. but if the writer of the first quote truly believed what he wrote, he'd think that god is pro-alcoholism and even pro-sin simply because god created drunkards in his own sinless image, and to think that man may be flawed in any way would be to think that god himself is flawed.

bottom line, god is perfect. flawless. seperated from satan. man's habits have a satanic influence in them, because once someone is out of the womb he is exposed to the world and all the world's sin. heaven is god's territory, satan and sin were kicked out of heaven. not the world. back

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