you can never expect too much from sequels. grease ii being a case in point (hi, kel). i was at a movie theater watching hannibal because i had just seen silence of the lambs a week or so ago (i had seen it in the theaters, but that was just after my head-injury so i was not all there). okay, so i put up with the meager lil' feminist-runt's arrogance and insolence towards the men (are there any movies out now that don't contribute to the facades of 'woman power,' well...besides gladiator-type movies where power is not but a matter of status bestowed by people in authority. er, i guess we have xena-type adventures...but to tell you the truth, i'd have to pass if i were offered a female bodyguard to protect me from all you sore losermen who have it out for me because i violate the sense of righteousness that has been being instilled in you since the first day of school by the political agendas of gays, feminists and niglets. and i wouldn't be passing her up just to be protected by the big strong hairy man, either.)

...i put up with the feminist, though the audible words, "she's a feminist, and feminists deserve to die" found their way out of my mouth (followed by a "go to")...good thing i wasn't in dc, the now in all their inner strength may have been there and bellyached again to the fbi. incidentally, now is a group whose members must be left alone because they whine like cattle if their pitious existences feel the least bit threatened by a random email wishing no feminist in particular death.

i finally left the theater (for the second and final time) when i saw hannibal eat a nurse. just like that. no rhyme, no reason - though the reason may have been justified onscreen during my first trip out of the theater, i thought i was safe to assume that nurse ratchet's (oops, wrong movie, much better too) cannibalization was done for nothing but "the thrill of the people". i could have sworn i heard a bunch of rowdy young men behind me start cheering for hannibal the bona fide cannibal, in the back of my mind i knew there was a female sitting there with the guys simply because it is regarded as 'uncouth' to see masculinity uncompromised by that which is feminine (or effeminite, because a gay "man's" presence would compromise masculinity as much as a woman's would). it was then i knew that hannibal is a product of "the will of the people" and is probably only worth each of the two stars it was given. first clue: the feminist agenda made this a political movie intended to preach against reality and against god (the media's contempt of god did not go unnoticed in the lil' feminists' dialogue with the faceless man). second clue: the unwarranted nurse-eating made this a thrillseeker's movie intended to give the people more cannibal and less hannibal (who, in the first one, earned my respect...and my arousal...with his excellent comprehension). so i left and got a pizza. hollywood ain't gonna make no subject out of me.

and you wonder why i don't go to movies. it's because i don't like being angry. you wonder why i am not social in this society. it's because i don't like being angry. and when i do get angry, it's good that i have this website to vent. i'd hate to see what would happen to the likes of bill clinton if i did not vent.

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