it is no wonder that the media and the rest of the anti-christian pro-gay world has made all anti-gay rhetoric commonly known as 'homophobia'. i mean, come on, what better way to legitimize derelict behavior than to have kids grow up thinking that whoever is against it is just plain scared of it. nobody wants to be known as afraid of anything, especially kids, so the gay agenda plays on kids' fear of having fear and makes it work to their advantage.

there is a difference between being afraid of gays and being afraid of having an opinion against gays, but it's "six of one, half-dozen of the other" and a shrug of the shoulder to pro-gay groups of the world.

one can be afraid of gays' (limited) mentalities for the sake of his country, one can be afraid of the consequences of gays' 'man for man' (or 'same sex or no sex at all') type selfishness coming to power, one can be afraid of what gays' rejection of unrewritten bibles can lead to...and in today's world, he'd be known at worst as a close-minded communist and at best as simply a scaredy-cat.

so don't be buying into this whole 'homophobia'/prejudice scheme...because that's what it is, a scheme to suit gays' self-righteous egos. really, who the hell are gays to talk about self-respect when they'd regard it as 'self-hatred' if they didn't embrace everything about their present states like growth and maturity were enemies of the people.

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