characteristics of psychopath (sociopath, anti-social personality disorder)

glibness/superficial charm. ever seen a 'pride' parade? painted smiles, superfluous 'esteem,' etc."
grandiose sense of self-worth. ever hear gays promote self-esteem? this is theirs.
need for stimulation/proneness to boredom life just wouldn't be life without going out, eh?
conning/manipulative how else could they sucker the courts for all the special rights they receive?
parasitic lifestyle love would never do without sex
promiscuous sexual behavior aol m4m rooms, ahem?
failure to accept responsibility for own actions "i was born this way!"
poor behavioral controls once an apartment manager beckoned for me to jerk him off in his office

personal quote: never criticize, condemn or complain
"just sit back, relax and pretend everything is hunky-dory vhile ve have our vay vith your mind"
usflyboi01: lookin for guy to play with on layover in rdu
e s t r a n g e d
i had 'favorite political activist: tim mcveigh' in my aol profile one day...
crossdressersbrb: fave political activist: tim mcveigh get real
a cross-dresser telling me to get real, i thought i'd heard it all

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