some clown ims me on gay o l as i'm sitting in the chat room with my site-advertising profile (because, as you may have assumed, i also have a self-advertising profile for when i just can't fight off the need to make a sexual rendezvous), he says "i read your profile and am a bit confused, you're gay but you're also anti-gay? please explain, i am extremely non-judgemental and am only curious" or something to that effect.

thanks to minority-runt groups everywhere, judgement is known to society as a bad thing. isn't judgement conducive to survival, heck, if judgement is so bad then why was the threat of incompetency and institutionalization always looming over poor ol' head-injured me just because i exhibited poor decision-making? judgements are made every day - yes, even judgements against people or (heaven forbid) minorities. is it smart for a scrawny italian-american like myself to walk through an all-black neighborhood at 12:30 am, on my way to mister roger's? would i have to actually meet each and every nigger in that neighborhood before i could make an educated decision? isn't the education that i got every night through the six o'clock news legitimate, even though i didn't meet all the muggers and the killers in cities around the country who are for the most part black?

wake up! judgement is not a bad thing, judgement is necessary for survival. minds are like newborn kittens because judgements are not made if you don't know any better.

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