justify my love

i love this one because he's big and strong with abundantly hairy armpits. try as i may (and partly because of the 'everybody's different' campaign), i can't wholeheartedly call myself a man with this image of masculinity in the back of my mind. my sense of masculine esteem hasn't fully developed, therefore i put some men on pedestals and i do not see myself in every man. in a society where image is everything and gender means nothing, it's not hard to understand how men get feeling slight enough to call themselves "gay".

i was not born feeling so slight, such a notion is blind, but if you've ever seen a clockwork orange then you know exactly how mass images can modify behavior. mass images like pictures of this man can modify self-image too, turn a self-fullfilling state-of-man into a lackluster state-of-masculivoid.

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