okay, so maybe lars didn't steal as much hard drive space i am saying he did. because long before i wrote this page, i've been downloading songs that i like from napster - first with a 56k modem (i got maybe a total of 400 with that) and then with a cable modem (i got 1100 more songs that i like with that).

but since hearing of the whiners formerly known as metallica and their lawsuits against napster, etc, i made it my responsibility to get as many mp3 songs as i can (metallica heavily included) and leave napster on all day. as of the last days of november (precisely, the sunday that gore lost once again and vowed to continue fighting after he told the country he wouldn't), i have about 2300. i just type in any search word, and download all the results.

and i am even trying to figure out a way to get metallica's "begone, napster" onto napster for easy download. a 55 minute song created solely to be "napster proof," will be hard to get online for easy download. but i figure if i get the song onto my computer and put it in real player format, it won't be that big of a file. or else, i could chop the song up into 4 or 5 different segments and include in the filename "after you've downloaded all 5 parts of the song, use an audio editor to glue them together".

yeah, 2300 songs and counting. just to spite metallica (and alanis morissette). back

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